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Discover Pescara, just minutes from Chieti


Just 12 kilometers away from the Best Western Parco Paglia Hotel, Pescara is the most populous municipality in the region and is the heart of a metropolitan area of ​​over 250,000 inhabitants for the six closest municipalities that form a single urban block from Silvi marina to Francavilla al mare with a coastal strip of twenty and more kilometers, or up to 450,000 residents including the entire area of ​​influence and the city of Chieti itself.

Despite being a city with ancient origins whose first settlements date back to at least the first millennium BC, Pescara has a predominantly modern aspect, due to a series of heavy bombings suffered during the Second World War which caused the destruction of a large part of the urban center; however, there is no lack of material evidence of the city's past. The dense occupation of the central areas following the post-war reconstruction leads the city to expand outwards. The construction of the industrial area between Pescara and Chieti, the motorway connections and the equipped axis, the establishment of some faculties of the D'Annunzio University, the new regional and state offices, the new central station of the State Railways, the tourist port still modifies the general framework by offering new possibilities and preparing Pescara for the challenge of the third millennium.

During the years of the economic boom of the second post-war period, Pescara experienced a sustained industrial and urban development that led the city to become the business capital of the Abruzzo region and border between northern and southern Italy, it is one of the main centers of the geographical area of 'Central Italy. For some time it has guaranteed the Abruzzo region a wide range of services that have allowed the entire region to increase its competitiveness both nationally and internationally.

Pescara is a lively cultural center, having given birth to personalities such as Gabriele d'Annunzio and Ennio Flaiano, and being home to universities, initiatives in the folklore sector and influential events, including Pescara Jazz (the first Italian summer festival dedicated to the musical genre ), the Ennio Flaiano Prize and the Out of Use Contemporary Art Review. The city also has a notable sporting tradition, having hosted the Acerbo Cup from 1929 to 1961, the Matteotti Trophy from 1945 and the 16th edition of the Mediterranean Games in 2009.


To visit in Pescara:

  • Museum of the Sea
  • Museum of the People of Abruzzo
  • D'Annunzio's house
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